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Mentorship can be an enriching experience for both the mentor and mentee, providing invaluable guidance, wisdom, and support for professional and personal growth. According to one study, mentor relationships can profoundly influence an individual’s growth and evolution over their lifetime.

Our Online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Master’s in Meeting and Event Management programs can equip you for success. The mentorship program that is part of your studies can help ensure that you have the proper guidance to achieve your career goals.  

Shannon Jones, a decade-long member of MPI, had many doors open for her thanks to her mentors.

“The career trajectory I’ve been on has always come from the guidance of a mentor,” said Jones. “No matter how old you are … or experienced you are … there is always something new to learn or gain.” 

Jones pays it forward in her role as a mentor for the San Diego State University hospitality and tourism management graduate programs. The program, a partner with MPI, strategically matches each graduate student with a mentor during their in-person visit to SDSU’s campus. Once paired, the mentor and mentee work together throughout the entirety of the program. 

“Everybody has something to give,” began Jones. “The program does a really great job of pairing the right people together.” 

In order to reap the benefits of mentorship, it’s important to use this tool correctly. 

Tips for mentees

According to Lunsford, 97% of mentees recognize mentorship as beneficial to their personal and professional growth.  

Mentees have the potential to embark on a journey of development in all aspects of life. If a mentee has the right mindset towards their mentorship, there are immense benefits. 

Looking at mentoring from the perspective of those being mentored, Jones offers three tips.

  • Open-mindedness.

To get the most out of your mentorship, a mentee should adopt an open mindset. An open mind is more likely to accept constructive feedback positively. Embracing feedback is crucial for growth. Be prepared to absorb new information and maximize your learning experience. 

  • Transparency

Being transparent with your mentor will allow them to offer you tailored advice to your circumstances. The more clear you are with them, it allows them to fully assess the situation and give you the best possible feedback. Being honest builds a foundation of trust in the mentorship relationship.

  • Vulnerability. 

When entering a mentorship, you have to know what you want to gain from it. Maybe it’s a new perspective, industry connections or even a career change. It takes vulnerability to identify what your goals are. Embracing vulnerability is a key component of personal and professional growth. 

Everyone has different learning styles. The beauty of mentorship is the mentee gets personalized guidance from a like-minded professional. 

The SDSU hospitality and tourism management graduate programs provide all the necessary resources for you to have successful mentorships. Students have left the mentorship program with not only assets to their networks, but lifelong friendships. As partners of MPI, the graduate programs represent the future of the meeting and event planning industry. 

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