Business of Wine CertificateSDSU Global Campus offers a year-round Professional Certificate in the Business of Wine program that has helped numerous students find jobs in the wine industry.

“Many of my students have gone on to start their own business,” says instructor Lisa Redwine, who teaches the Exploring Wine class. Redwine is the second woman in San Diego County to become an advanced sommelier, which is the second-highest distinction possible by the Court of Sommeliers.

Lori Loré and her husband Anthony exemplify what can transpire with students. They enrolled in the Business of Wine Certificate program because they both wanted to open their own wine bar.

The couple now owns a business called WineSmileys. “The SDSU Business of Wine Certificate program helped us prepare to train and educate as wine professionals who offer personable and memorable wine-tasting experiences,” Lori Loré says.

There is certainly a need for more employees in the U.S. wine industry, particularly in California. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article, California produces 90 percent of the nation’s wine and is the fourth-largest producer globally. The same article reports that wine sales are expected to increase 6 to 10 percent from last year.

Some SDSU Professional Certificate in the Business of Wine students have taken the program for pleasure and then had it lead to a profitable career in the industry.

Eddie Zavestoski was just out of college when he decided to be adventuresome and take the Business of Wine certificate program. Little did he know that it would lead to him becoming a tasting room sales lead in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where he attributes his career to the SDSU wine program.

“The certificate program instructors work in the business and are very knowledgeable,” Zavestoski says. “They are very willing to answer questions. They make sure everything is clear.”

Other students, such as registered nurse Donna Morgan, enrolled in the Business of Wine program to supplement their income. She used her experience in the classroom as a springboard to a part-time job at a retail wine store and bar in Coronado.

“I would highly recommend this class to those in the industry or the casual wine consumer that would just like to increase their knowledge about wine.  There is definitely something for everyone in this class,” she says.

These comprehensive certificate courses are geared toward professionals and entrepreneurs in the wine, food, and hospitality fields who want to quickly expand their knowledge of wine topics. The certificate is directed to: restaurant owners and staff, winery employees, event planners, distribution and retail sales employees, wine bar owners, and staff, anyone interested in moving into wine or hospitality careers, and wine enthusiasts who desire a professional level education.

“Employers in the wine industry prefer to interview job candidates who possess a solid understanding of the basics within their field,” says Joe Shapiro, dean of SDSU Global Campus. “We continue to strive and make sure that a Professional Certificate in the Business of Wine will provide our graduates with the best opportunities for employment.”

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