Dina HamidehDina Hamideh – a San Diego native, who recently received money through SDSU’s BRIDGE grant – is now pursuing a master’s in regulatory affairs.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago I was going to college. I graduated from Mission Hills High and decided to major in kinesiology, because my whole goal in life has been to help and aid people. My parents have diabetes, and I have sick family members who live in Peru and Palestine.

I was working at a bank and I was nominated for a grant by one of my customers. She was working toward an MBA and heard about the BRIDGE grant and wanted to see whether they would accept me. I called the BRIDGE coordinator, Tracy Thomas, and talked to her. She helped me with all the paperwork. From there she told me that I was a great candidate for the grant. I then learned that I was accepted. It was literally a miracle and blessing. The BRIDGE grant, I believe is going to help a lot of individuals, such as myself, to be successful in the market. I know in the regulatory affairs industry, there’s a demand. Right now I’m balancing work and school. I go to work and go to school at the same time. I’m enjoying it. I already took a class on ethics and earned an A! It was really a great class. I’m really excited to learn more about regulatory affairs so it can teach me more about regulations on products, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Five Years from Now

I’ve had the same goal since high school – to help people by putting products on the market that help with their health. I already have products that I know about that I want to put on the market. There are some natural herbs that I have studied in different countries. I can see myself working at a corporation, but eventually I want to branch out and be my own boss. I’m not looking at the manufacturing side, but rather introducing new products.