Donna MorganDonna Morgan is a registered nurse at Grossmont Hospital and a mother of three. About four months ago, Morgan decided to take on a part-time job to help supplement her income. She was looking for something fun, interesting and low stress. She was offered a part-time position at WineStyles in Coronado – a retail wine store and wine bar. The new job was perfect for Morgan. “I love meeting new people and sipping on a good glass of wine.”

After starting her new job, Morgan decided that she was interested in increasing her knowledge of wine. She first heard about our Business of Wine program from a couple visiting the wine bar. She later attended the Open House, where she received helpful information about the different courses offered in the certificate program. She said, “I especially liked the fact you didn’t have to commit to all of the courses and you could pick and choose what classes would benefit you the most at a reasonable cost.  I knew any information obtained in the class could be directly applied to my job at WineStyles and help me speak intelligently when asked questions about wine from customers.”

Morgan had only positive things to say about her instructor experience. “Lisa Redwine is passionate about wine and sharing her knowledge with students.  She is down to earth, funny and not a wine snob in the least!  Just when I was feeling overwhelmed about how much I didn’t know about wine, she would share a story about her early days learning about wine and reinforced “We all have to start somewhere.””

The certificate program as Morgan says is a great learning experience. “This certificate program encompasses just about everything an individual needs to know about wine as an employee in the industry or as a prospective business owner in the industry.  SDSU has an excellent reputation and completion of the classes and/or wine certification program will look great to prospective employers, especially in this highly competitive job market.  Students are literally making an investment in their futures.”

In closing, Morgan had this to say, “I would highly recommend this class to those in the industry or the casual wine consumer that would just like to increase their knowledge about wine.  There is definitely something for everyone in this class.”