Richard Brant

Richard Brant

As the estimating manager for Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc.’s West Coast operations, Richard Brant wanted to enhance his understanding of contract types and the methodology of contract management. Upon his boss’ suggestion, he enrolled in SDSU’s Professional Certificate in Contract Management.

“The program has had a tremendous impact on my understanding of the various types of government contracts, and the rules and procedures” said Brant. “And the teachers, such as Paul Van Loon, do not teach out of financial need but rather out of a passion for this field, and this is evident throughout the faculty.”

With a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, the SDSU alumnus entered the working world as a logistics specialist for L-3 Communications [now L-3 Technologies], followed by a position as production controller at Oceaneering International.

Courses in SDSU’s Contract Management program that made an immediate impact on Brant’s career with Epsilon included Contract Negotiations, where he learned how to more effectively negotiate with the government. “I’ve always been interested in business development and capture, which starts with negotiations,” he said. “The Earned Value Management course gave me the formulas and tools needed to forecast whether a particular job would go red or stay black. Fundamentals of the FAR and Sourcing and Cost/Price Analysis courses showed me the hierarchy of estimating and sourcing, which directly impacts my job.”

Brant completed the Advanced Contract Management certificate in one year by taking two classes per week. “As a parent, it was difficult, but manageable,” he said. “I believe a good deal of planning went into the times classes are offered and the breaks in order to accommodate parents … It was a pleasure to attend the program, and I leave you with this quote from Miklo Velka: ‘When you expect nothing and get everything, that’s destiny.'”