When Tanya Huang was deciding which classes to take during her senior year as a journalism major in the School of Journalism and Media Studies, she followed the advice of her mentors and enhanced her digital and social media skills.

Huang has always been active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Yelp, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Google+; however, she says that taking “the beginning and advanced social media classes at CES helped me fine tune my social media skills to be used for business. It taught me how to create and manage company profiles as well as know what things to post and when to post them for the most exposure and interaction. The Increasing Traffic to Your Website course taught me how to enhance and optimize my own website, which I use as my online portfolio, blog, and resume.”

It was through the Increasing Traffic to Your Website class that Huang found her current job. She says “I had the great opportunity to network with many professionals from a variety of industries in each course. Through networking with the instructor Michael Martin, I learned more about the company Covario. I met the SEO Director Steve Beatty who informed me of job openings. A few weeks after completing the course, as I finished up my last semester at SDSU, I landed a job at Covario. The lessons prepared me for my current position as an SEO copy editor and I continue to learn every day through collaborating with experts in the field.”