Gary McCuneGary McCune currently works as an IT manager for United Technology Aerospace Systems and plans to retire soon. After retirement, he wants to keep busy with a hobby, so McCune decided to take his interest in wine and make it a centerpiece of his retirement. Today, he is taking classes in the Business of Wine program at SDSU. “All of the wine information that I have learned at San Diego State has been primarily used to try to focus on something that I could use at a later date,” he says.

Today, McCune only needs to complete one more wine class before earning his certificate. He believes that the classes changed his view on wine, “I have been a pretty confirmed red wine drinker for a number of years, but since I got involved in this program, I have expanded that considerably; not just the white wines, but sparkling and also wines all around the world. It’s very enlightening what you can learn.”

Regarding his wine classmates, McCune has this to say, “We have all followed along the same curriculum for what was offered. I am pretty impressed with the number of people who are interested in wine. Some are in the same situation as me, some are already in the business and are trying to increase their skills either as bartender or server, and some even want to start their own businesses or tasting rooms. I have really enjoyed all this learning.”