Osher at SDSU longtime member Dean Popp

Osher at SDSU longtime member Dean Popp

The Osher Institute was created with the mission to educate lifelong learners by offering stimulating and informative courses that are catered to students ages 50 and better. Whether you want to learn about yoga, art history, Medicare, or a host of other current and historical topics, the Osher Institute at SDSU has a class for you. When you join Osher, you are entering a community of lifelong learners who are dedicated to staying active and informed.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Dean Popp, a longtime Osher at SDSU member and lifelong learner. Learn more about Dean’s experience with our program and hear why he enjoys being a part of our Osher community.

1) What year did you first enroll in an Osher at SDSU Course?

I joined Osher at SDSU in 2013.

2) What is your favorite or a memorable Osher you have taken over the years and what did you most like about it?

Glenn Smith teaches a class each fall which is titled “What’s Up Docket,” which previews the cases the US Supreme Court will consider in the next year.  It is a good introduction to some of the prominent news items that will be of public discussion in the coming year.

3) What is one thing, fact, or skill you have learned through an Osher at SDSU class that you might not have discovered otherwise?

The Supreme Court receives approximately 9,000 requests to review cases each year and they select only about 70-75 cases to hear arguments and provide final judgment on this small number of cases.

4) What would you say to someone considering enrolling in an Osher at SDSU course?

You will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality of instruction and the quality, interest, knowledge, and participation of your fellow students.