Bernard Osher (left) and Jonnie Wilson (right)

Osher Founder Bernard Osher (left) and Jonquil “Jonnie” Wilson (right)

The Osher Institute was created with the mission to educate lifelong learners by offering stimulating and informative courses that are catered to students ages 50 and better. Whether you want to learn about yoga, art history, Medicare, or a host of other current and historical topics, the Osher Institute at SDSU has a class for you. When you join Osher, you are entering a community of lifelong learners who are dedicated to staying active and informed.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Jonquil “Jonnie” Wilson, a longtime Osher at SDSU member and lifelong learner. Learn more about Jonnie’s experience with our program and hear why she enjoys being a part of our Osher community. 

1) What year did you first enroll in an Osher at SDSU Course?

I attended my first Osher class about 10 years ago.  I started volunteering on the Curriculum Committee about a year later and am still on it!  I also volunteer with another Osher volunteer (Melanie Dunn) to convene a book club once a semester.

2) What is your favorite or most memorable Osher class you have taken over the years and what did you most like about it?

I was so inspired by a class on SDSU’s WWII Servicemen’s Correspondence Collection that I wound up creating a readers theatre based on the letters, whose writers—former students of San Diego State—wrote so evocatively about their war-time experiences. This Readers Theatre has not only been performed at SDSU as an Osher offering, but also at several locations in the community (e.g., Coronado, Old Town).

3) What is one thing, fact, or skill you have learned through an Osher at SDSU class that you might not have discovered otherwise?

I learned about the intricacies of cases being argued before the Supreme Court through several semesters of courses taught by Glenn Smith, a law professor at California Western School of Law.

4) What would you say to someone considering enrolling in an Osher at SDSU course? How would you “sell” someone on the value of the program?

The quality of our Osher courses is outstanding, and with no tests, homework, or grades, you can concentrate on the sheer joy of learning.  So, come exercise your brain with us—as we say, learning never gets old.