Yoli Banda.

Longtime Osher at SDSU Member Yoli Banda

The Osher Institute was created with the mission to educate lifelong learners by offering stimulating and informative courses that are catered to students ages 50 and better. Whether you want to learn about yoga, art history, Medicare, or a host of other current and historical topics, the Osher Institute at SDSU has a class for you. When you join Osher at SDSU, you are entering a community of lifelong learners who are dedicated to staying active and informed.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Yoli Banda, a longtime Osher at SDSU member and lifelong learner. Learn more about Yoli’s experience with our program and hear why she enjoys being a part of our Osher community.

What year did you first enroll in an Osher at SDSU Course?

I’m a retired educator and became an Osher member in the fall of 2009. I’ve been an active member ever since then.

What is your favorite or most memorable Osher class you have taken over the years and what did you most like about it?

One of my most memorable courses was about “The Convivencia,” a period in Spain when the Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived in relative peace. Learning this history made my trip to Spain more meaningful. I especially appreciated that this instructor was able to tie art and literature into her teaching of history. Another series of courses that I really enjoyed was religious studies. Over the years the same instructor taught us about Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and many more spiritual traditions. What I took away from his teaching is that there are many things in common among these belief systems.

What is one thing, fact, or skill you have learned through an Osher at SDSU class that you might not have discovered otherwise?

I don’t think I would have been interested in meditating as I have become interested in it after attending the classes. That was one of the most meaningful and powerful things I’ve gotten out of it.

What would you say to someone considering enrolling in an Osher at SDSU course? How would you “sell” someone on the value of the program?

Over the years, I’ve encouraged many of my friends to become Osher members. I always emphasize that the courses are high caliber, college-level, and no prerequisites are required. Every semester there are a variety of classes like art, history, philosophy, science, and even field trips called “Edventures.” We never have to worry about exams and homework. We just go to class and participate if you wish, or just relax and enjoy.  This is also an opportunity to meet new people and continue learning.