SDSU Nursing Student in Thailand

SDSU Nursing Student in Thailand

Under the guidance of local medical professionals, 24 SDSU nursing students will spend their winter near the Cambodian border providing health care to immigrants who have crossed the border into Thailand.

The students will earn SDSU credit while providing on-site and home visits to a diverse array of individuals ranging from pre-kindergarten to the elderly.

“This is a really good experience for the students,” said Sherry Kari, SDSU lecturer and clinical instructor. “Their ultimate goal is to provide health care and medication where it is needed.”

The program involves more than meeting the local health care needs, Kari added. Students develop a wide range of skills in fundraising, assessment, teaching, critical thinking, and leadership.  Additionally, the group leaves follow-up funds for future students to the region through the Starfish program.

This is Kari’s fifth year with the group, which has included programs in Honduras, Panama, and Ghana.

“Our students learn a lot more than the medical side,” Kari said.