Woman wearing headphones.

Some people like to use music as a tool for motivation and to help them concentrate when they study or work. If you are one of these people, you may be looking for some go-to playlists to use during your studies and daily tasks. 

No matter how much you love your favorite artist, you may need to switch it up to optimize your studying time. While your results may vary, most people find that listening to music without lyrics is recommended when you are trying to focus while multitasking. This way, music can become more of an asset to you rather than a distraction when you are trying to get your work and studying done.

The benefits of studying while listening to music include:

  • Lowered stress levels 
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Heightened motivation

Knowing the right kind of music to listen to is equally important to achieving these kinds of benefits while you study. According to Web MD, if you listen to softer music, it can keep you relaxed and focused while more upbeat music could be helpful when you take your study breaks to keep your energy levels high and your morale up.

From working out to sleeping, Spotify curates lots of playlists for their users to choose from. Of these, here are five that may help you accomplish your goals and optimize your studying time in your busy schedule.

1: Intense studying

Intense Studying is a 9-hour playlist that you can rely on to help you get your work done when you’re in a bind for time. It can help you lock in and finish up because it consists of piano music which is typically the most effective in reducing stress and improving concentration. Many people refer to this phenomenon as “The Mozart Effect” which is said to improve your spatial reasoning skills, or your ability to problem-solve when you listen to classical music. 

2: All Nighter

All Nighter consists of electronic and “trap” beats that may be closer to your taste in music. If you don’t like classical music, this playlist will still help you focus because it contains no lyrics. With seven hours of relaxing beats to listen to, this could be your next go-to when you need a hand with finishing all of your tasks. All nighter can help you through long hours of anything from cleaning and tidying to studying and working.

3: Soundtracks for Studying

Soundtracks for Studying is a unique playlist in that it is curated from soundtracks from your favorite movies, video games, and TV shows. Some notable tracks come from Disney, Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda, and other esteemed motion pictures. Soundtracks for Studying consists of modified and calm versions of these recognizable soundtracks. Because of this, this playlist could be just what you need to focus while you listen to something familiar.

4: Beats to Think to

If you’re a fan of house and techno music, Beats to Think To could be the playlist that’s right for you. It has 7 hours of calm and stimulating techno music that may give you the boost you are looking for when you work. This playlist can help you stay motivated while staying focused as it has a combination of upbeat music and no distracting lyrics. 

5: Lofi Summer Haze

Lofi Summer Haze is a cheerful playlist with 10 hours of beats to listen to. Lo-fi has become a popular genre of music for students, as it can help with staying concentrated, calm, and focused. What makes this lo-fi playlist stand out is that the calming music is combined with the joyful and uplifting feelings of the summertime. So, this playlist may be exactly what you’re looking for when you want to keep a relaxed and positive mood when you complete your studies.