The field of public health is a rewarding and fulfilling career that allows you to make a real difference in your community. By working to create public health policies that are fair and equitable, public health professionals have a hand in shaping our communities into healthier and happier places.

We asked recent Master of Public Health graduate Kate Gaudio three questions about her experience with the program and what she’s doing after graduating.

1. What was your favorite part about your program?

My favorite part about San Diego State’s Master of Public Health program is how applicable the coursework is to the professional world. I have been able to directly apply the skills and concepts from the program to my work in the cancer prevention space. I also appreciate the flexibility an online program offered, as I continued to work full-time and welcomed my first child while completing my MPH.   

2. What would you say to someone who is considering taking your program?

Regardless of the subset of public health, you want to work in, this program will arm you with a comprehensive overview of driving factors for health issues and effective strategies to address them. An MPH from San Diego State will make you a more well-rounded public health professional.

3. What are your professional plans now that you have completed your program? 

I am grateful to work in my dream field, Multi-Cancer Early Detection, at GRAIL.  My role is to bring the Galleri Test to Americans through employer benefits plans. I love what I do and can see the tangible difference our test is making in the world. SDSU’s coursework on health equity has particularly influenced the way I approach my work to ensure this life-saving technology is available to everyone.

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