Lorna WassmerOriginally from the Philippines, Lorna Wassmer wanted to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam to become a certified pharmacy technician. To achieve this, she enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician course at SDSU.

Since her classes were during the evening and only eight weeks long, Wassmer found the program to be a good fit for her needs — she currently works at a pharmacy benefits management company. “The program has a very convenient schedule and location, especially for those who work full-time,” said Wassmer.

During her study on SDSU’s campus, she was able to network and make new friends. Even when it came to studying, “We studied together before the class started. Every class we would come early and study with our instructor,” she adds.

When asked about her instructor Stephen Fazziola, Wassmer smiles and says, “He is very good in how he teaches. He is always clear. He is ready to answer your questions, he is very approachable, and it’s obvious that he enjoys what he is doing.”

Wassmer mentions that the most beneficial take-away from the class are the calculation practice sheets she needed to become a pharmacy technician. “There was a lot of data and I needed a lot of help with it,” she says. “It was very helpful to have those practice calculations and to have an instructor like Mr. Fazziola. He’s very accommodating and always willing to spend extra time on a specific subject if he thinks it will be helpful to the students.”

Those eight weeks quickly passed, and Wassmer then prepared for the PTCB exam. “I am reviewing for it, and I’m on my way to my goal of becoming a certified pharmacy technician,” she says.


Wassmer took the exam on June 8, and on June 20, 2012 received official notification that she passed the exam. “The program gave me the confidence I needed to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam. And I passed on my first try!,” said Wassmer. “This program was an excellent investment on my part since there are a lot of opportunities in this field.”