Happy New Year!

With the start of a fresh year always comes a new beginning to the goals you wish to achieve. This year, instead of just making resolutions, take the time to set small and achievable goals.

If you are going to college online, making resolutions can help you stay on track with your studies and get the most out of your online education. Being an online student definitely has its benefits, but making a resolution to get more involved with your fellow students and your campus can help you get more out of the experience.

When you break this set of resolutions down into more actionable steps, it can be easier to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

5 Resolutions for Online Students

While as an online student there traditionally isn’t as many ways to get involved, that is very different when you decide to join San Diego State University’s online community. This applies to SDSU Global Campus students that are enrolled in either Bachelor’s Degree Completion Programs, Master’s degree programs, or Advanced certificate programs.

Here is a list of resolutions you can tackle during this new year:

  1. Get involved

    SDSU Global Campus is now home to a dedicated chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society. If a student is interested in joining they will have to meet specific criteria such as academic eligibility based on one full year of attendance at SDSU Global Campus,  as well as be in good academic standing from SDSU and prior institution credits. Also through Associated Students, which is SDSU’s student body, there are different virtual opportunities to participate in such as eSports leagues, virtual wellness sessions and virtual leadership opportunities. 

  2. Apply for Scholarships

    Being a part of the Associated Student body also means you can apply to certain scholarships. This includes being eligible for Associated Student sponsored scholarships such as the Associated Students Student Body Scholarship, and the Associated Students Study Abroad Scholarship.

  3. Take advantage of Career Services

    Get a head start on what you will be doing after you graduate, and make a one-on-one virtual career advising appointment through the Handshake app. You can use these drop-in sessions for the opportunity to review resumes, help with your job search, and other general career resource questions. Along with the Handshake app for job searching you can also utilize other career resource platforms such as Type Focus, which is a career assessment. There is also BigInterview, an online interview practice platform with video capacity. Plus there is GoingGlobal, a resource for living abroad while pursuing jobs and internships.

  4. Find a Mentor

    Receive help from SDSU as you are moving from campus to career and take part in the Aztec Mentor Program. This is where you can connect with alumni and professionals as either a junior, senior, or as a graduate student. This is where you can grow your network and hear from professionals in your future industry. Registration opens early in the fall and spring semesters.

  5. Sharpen your Math or Writing skills with a tutor

    Take the time to sharpen your skills before the start of the new semester. You can set up virtual appointments with either the Writing center or the Math & Stats Learning center. During the 30-minute sessions, tutors collaborate with students to identify strengths and weaknesses and to suggest ways students can enhance and build on their own skills.