Joseph GaxiloaIf you come to SDSU to learn and study English, there is a good chance you will have Joseph Gaxiloa as an instructor for at least one class. He teaches everything from entry level writing to advanced speaking and listening. He has only taught at ALI SDSU for two semesters, but this English instructor has over 17 years of teaching experience. “I never imagined teaching, although both of my parents are teachers. I started working with migrant children, and I found what I loved to do, and that is teaching,” he says.

Joseph enjoys seeing students gain confidence in their English and recalls a certain moment that every student has. “There is this sense in the classroom that what is being taught they can learn. I see an ‘on button’ with them, things just click and with every student there is an ‘I got it moment’.”

The classroom is the vehicle to achievement and to overcome challenges to learning. “San Diego is a beautiful city, but the priority at SDSU is teaching, instruction, and learning. Instructors have a vast amount of experience, and both teachers and students have access to resources. We provide what a student needs to be successful,” says Joseph.

Part of what makes the ALI SDSU English program a unique learning experience is that it is attached to the main university, where there is a commitment to education. Being a part of an academic institution you are a part of tradition and there is a level of excellence and expectation.  And, as Joseph says,“You can’t get that just anywhere.”

The ALI is an SDSU Research Foundation project.