Larry Beck Larry Beck’s knowledge and expertise runs the gamut of many areas – conservation education, environmental interpretation, wilderness management, and cross-cultural perspectives of tourism. He uses technology to advance student learning. Beck designs and teaches blended and distance education courses, and publishes and presents his findings about the effectiveness of online learning.

Why is the SDSU HTM program unique?
First of all, the program has a visionary director who has been involved as a CEO, but also was interested in higher education. We also have outstanding faculty who are industry professionals.

Why do HTM professionals need to further their education?
I think everyone needs to further their education because of the changing nature of the world that we live in. Communications, technology, everything is changing rapidly and education is valuable to just about anyone.

What kind of hands-on experience will a student gain in this program?
Students will gain a great deal of hands-on experience, not the least of which is when students are here on campus working with each other in a community of learners and also with faculty. They will also have hands-on learning as it relates to their own work environment.

What are the benefits of a hybrid, online and on-campus program?
The hybrid online blended program that we offer is really the best of both worlds – it gives students an opportunity to meet each other and to meet the faculty while at the same time, having all of the advantages of online learning, which includes convenience and flexibility.

What are the benefits of a program that is open to students worldwide?
I think a worldwide program is going to offer the background, the experiences, the diversity, and the different cultures of people from around the globe, and that will result in a much richer learning experience.

What are new trends in the HTM industry and how will this program address them?
New trends in the HTM industry have everything to do with communication, technology, the customer experience, and managing in complex systems. We will be able to work in all of these realms at what we feel is a cutting-edge level.

What kind of professional needs the HTM Edge?

Every professional needs the HTM Edge and anyone who is interested in bettering the industry and bettering themselves would be a good candidate for this program.

Why did you as an instructor want to become involved with this program?
I wanted to become involved in this program because I think it is all about excellence. It’s about excellence at the level of the director, excellence at the level of the faculty, and excellence at the level of the students.

Give me three adjectives that sum up this program.
The HTM program will be educational, it will be inspirational, and it will be transformational.