Cynthia David

Cynthia David

Medical Office Manager

Cindy David has been in the medical field for over 20 years. She believes in sharing her knowledge to help the next generation of health care professionals succeed. She does this by teaching the SDSU Clinical Medical Assistant Health Care program.

The program’s purpose is to prepare students for a fulfilling position in the medical field. “The medical field is continuing to expand and people are always going to need well-trained professionals. If you are looking for a rewarding career while helping those who need care; medical assistant training is a good place to start,” David says.

The class, Clinical Medical Assistant, has a balanced mixture of theory as well as hands-on activities. Students’ progress is checked every four or five chapters to ensure that they know and understand each chapter’s medical terms and practices.

“We do class labs – phlebotomy or drawing blood. We conduct EKGs on each other, as well as take blood pressure and temperatures, and administer injections,” David adds.

Students gain practical experience to help them easily transition from the classroom to the workforce. And, what is unique about the program is it also includes a 160-hour internship to help students gain hands-on experience in a working medical office. And, how does this form of knowledge and education translate into a job? David says “You have plenty of choices. You can work in the front or back office, mobile labs that go around to patients, a hospital setting, clinics, and even research facilities.”