Mark DeMayMark DeMay is currently on SDSU’s Business Alumni Board of Directors, he also works at SDSU as an accountant where he “reconciles financial data with the state controller’s office, reports with the CSU chancellor’s office, and helps to ensure compliance with both GAAP and GASB standards.” When asked why he took Business of Wine classes, he answered, “I enjoy wine and would like to own a winery someday.”

So far, DeMay has completed nine courses and earned his certificate, but he continues to take classes. Just recently, he took the Dessert Wines course. He says that the takeaways from the courses were, “increased knowledge of the business side of wine industry – for example, how to operate a winery and to recognize some of the pitfalls in the industry.”

DeMay also states that he was in awe of some of the new things he learned about wine. “I was surprised that there were so many varietals in each region. I really appreciate the vast amount of information I gained on grapes and wine. If you are not a wine connoisseur, you’re shocked about how extensive wine can be.”

When asked about his future wine endeavors, DeMay plans to utilize everything that he has learned, “I will definitely use the knowledge I obtained when opening my winery.”