Molly WoodMolly Wood has taken five classes in the Business of Wine program at SDSU – she is working on earning her certificate. She hopes to achieve this objective, so she can reach her ultimate goal – to open her own wine bar.

All of the classes that Wood has taken have been valuable to her. Regarding the Wine Creation class she says, “The class was fun and that helped me learn. Our final project was the creation of a wine list. We had to take a certain number of wines and price it by the bottle and price it by the glass. I also used a menu of a local restaurant and created a wine list for that restaurant. I also enrolled in the Dynamic Food and Wine Pairing class, so I had a feel for which types of wine went well with different types of food, and how the establishment would sell that wine based on the food they serve.”

Wood also enjoyed the networking opportunities within each course. She even plans on taking the Business Opportunities in the Wine Industry again, because in her words, “it proved to be so beneficial to me.”

And when discussing her classes, “There are a lot of people who are already in the service industry and are trying to learn more. There is great diversity in terms of age of people in the class with people who are just starting out, people who are looking for a second career, and people who are just wine enthusiasts. You start to build relationships with your classmates as you are going through the program. There are people who you consistently see in all the classes too, so that’s a fun aspect.”