Annette Gregg“Helping people live more authentic, inspired, and successful lives” is Annette Gregg’s mission.

“It’s the value that underpins my every interaction, whether it’s leading a team, training, or speaking,” said Gregg, the award-winning transformation consultant behind Difference Makers Consulting.

She has collaborated with SDSU Global Campus to create DevelopU, an interactive two-day conference where attendees will learn how to leverage their natural strengths and preferences to attain their dream job, next promotion, or any life goal. Thus the conference’s tagline, “Thrive Professionally, Personally, Permanently.”

DevelopU is Friday and Saturday, June 17 & 18, at SDSU’s Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, and SDSU Global Campus. Friday’s sessions begin at 6 pm so that working professionals can attend.

Emotional Intelligence, time management, written and verbal communication, intellectual curiosity, and managing change are just some of the topics of the essential skills sessions. Breakout sessions will delve into Effective Resumes and Interviewing Skills, Being Your Own Boss: Becoming a Consultant, Getting Your Finances in Order, and Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile.

Here’s more from conference co-producer Annette Gregg:

What was the catalyst for creating the DevelopU conference?
We created DevelopU because no matter how skilled an employee can be with technical acumen, soft skill development is what can differentiate us in the marketplace. We often have blinders on and don’t realize how we may be sabotaging our own career advancement with poor communication skills, a lack of self-branding, or an unclear vision of what we want our career path to be.

Who’s the ideal candidate for attending the conference?
DevelopU is for people who are looking to get unstuck in their career paths, or someone looking to create a plan for advancement. It could be someone new in the workforce or someone who has been employed for 20 years and just needs a new set of tools to move to the next level.

To the individual who may not even realize it, what are some signs that he/she could use a dose of DevelopU?
If you’ve been passed over for a promotion more than once; if you’ve been in the same position for too long but don’t know how to get out of it; or you’re looking to choose a new career path altogether, then this conference is for you.

One of the “Essential Skills” topics at the conference is “Asking Better Questions and Cultivating Intellectual Curiosity.” Why are those essential skills?
One of the most sophisticated skill sets we can bring to the workplace is intellectual curiosity, how to not just get the right answer but to ask enough questions to get a larger perspective and get perhaps multiple right answers. Creating this discipline in yourself makes you a more valuable employee and a deeper strategic thinker.

What can you tell us about the team of specialists you’ve enlisted to facilitate two days of skill-building?
The breakout topics were created to give you well-rounded basic skills to advance yourself personally and professionally. It’s hard to advance professionally if your personal finances are in chaos, so we’ve added a course on getting order back in your personal financial life. Some of you are ready to launch out on your own path, so the session on how to leverage your subject-matter expertise as a consultant will be interesting to you. For those of you looking to accelerate your job searches, then interviewing skills and the LinkedIn sessions will be of interest.

Will attendees leave with skills and strategies they can immediately implement?
So much of personal and professional development is building your awareness, so much of what you will learn at DevelopU is just bringing awareness to some of the skills that you might be missing or some of the ways that you might be undermining your effectiveness. Participants will walk away with immediate tools they can act on.

Tell us more about your mission to help people live more authentic, inspired, and successful lives.
Much of what I teach on both DevelopU and in my other public speaking is about your personal brand. To have the confidence to thrive personally and professionally, you need to know what you stand for at the core. For myself, I make a positive difference no matter what seat I’m sitting in. No matter what role I’m playing professionally, I will always strive to make a positive influence on those that I’m working with. That’s the spirit behind Difference Makers Consulting.

What’s the key to living more authentically?
I think the key to living authentically is to have confidence that your circumstances do not dictate your worth. There are plenty of times in life when we’ll be knocked off our game, but if we know who we are at the core, what we stand for, and that we are still worthy, then we’ll have the courage to show up authentically and realize that the ups and downs of life are part of the journey of making us more wholehearted people.

To what do you attribute your constant curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm?
I have a deep faith, a loving family, and I have surrounded myself with a wonderfully positive community that inspires me every day.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
President of the United States.

Anything you’d like to add?
The reason why DevelopU will provide skills for personal and professional development is that we really cannot compartmentalize our personal and professional lives. The way we communicate at work spills over into how we communicate at home. Our positive thinking or negative thinking at home will affect how we show up at work. DevelopU will provide skills and tools to thrive personally and professionally, and in life in general.

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The two-day DevelopU Conference is $249, lunch included. Register at For more information, email or call (619) 594-2517.