You could say Brittany Wissemann has Human Resources Management running through her veins.

After graduating college, she was looking for a direction in her career. Brittany’s mom had worked in Human Resources for years and pointed her toward the Human Resource Management certificate program at SDSU. 

Brittany Wissemann

Wissemann, a San Diego native, graduated in 2017 from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications. She worked a variety of roles after graduation before taking the leap into HR.

She now lives and works in Austin, Texas as a Technical Recruiter for a fast-growing start-up, where she gets to apply what she learned about talent acquisition in the SDSU Global Campus Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management Program she completed in December 2021.

 With the suggestion of her mother, who also completed the online Human Resources Management Certification program through SDSU Global Campus years before, Wissemann signed herself up. She took one class at a time online, studying in the evenings and weekends, so she could keep working full-time.

“I really enjoyed the real-world application of what we were learning and the teachers having the experience in the field, so it really shows what you’re learning and how it can be applied,” Wissemann said of the classes. “And just the passion the instructors have, that this is extra time out of their day to teach us.”

The Student has Become the Teacher

This fall, Wissemann will be making the move from Global Campus student to instructor, teaching the Talent Acquisition course. As a student, she completed her program capstone project focused on Talent Acquisition, so the area is of particular interest to her as a human resources professional.

“I took a variety of classes on compensation, benefits, and everything in between but nothing really sparked my interest, except for Talent Acquisition.”

Wissemann said she particularly enjoys helping people find their dream jobs and working on growing human resources programs and growing talent at the companies where she works.