We’re rounding out this edition of the newsletter by featuring the furry, scaly, feather-y companions that are keeping the humans of Global Campus on-track and sane during crazy semesters. Now introducing, Pandemic Pets of Global Campus! Meet some staff members and their pets, all acquired during the pandemic.

Kora the Husky

“My daughter, Victoria, moved back home last spring and got this cute Husky puppy named Kora. She has her own Instagram page and is a canine fashion influencer! Kora is smart, strong, sassy, and speedy! She “zooms” around the yard at top speed and leaps off boulders. She loves to dig holes making extra work for her humans who try to keep this white dog clean. Check out her ice blue eyes that have perfect eyeliner!”
– Terri Linman, Instructional Designer MA

Petunia and Persimmon the chickens

“Meet Petunia and Persimmon! Decided raising day old chicks was a good idea . . .”
– Jennifer Ederer, Administrative Assistant

Kane and Whiskey the dogs

“Here are my babies! Kane is the German/Australian Shepherd and Whiskey is our golden chihuahua. They are the bestest friends! They love to be close to me while I work, and I have to say it’s definitely calming during such an unfortunate and crazy time. Kane is the big friendly giant and Whisk is the feisty one.”
– Bianca Silva, Program Manager

Finny the fish

“Meet Finny. My children surprised me with one betta fish on Christmas. The reason they got it for me was that they believed I have been stressed and cranky all year long and hoped that the pet fish would help me relax my mind. So far so good!”
– Meng Phuong, Director of Facilities and Information Technology


Morrigan the cat

“This is Morrigan “I will fight you” Mayhem Clabaugh. She was found in a box by the dumpster at 3 days old and we took her in. She died for a short while but came back & ever since she has been nothing but feisty joy.”
– Lori Clabaugh, Graphic Designer II

Gouda the cat

“Gouda is one of the best things that happened to me in 2020! We’ve been gaining weight together during this pandemic, and for sure one of us is loving it!”
– Miffy Yuan, Recruiting Coordinator

Bowie the dog

“Bowie is the Christmas present that found us! He loves eating treats, making new friends in the park, and stealing our seats on the couch.”
– Ben Sherbacow, SEO and Social Content Writer