OLLI-VolunteerOsher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at SDSU members love to be involved. Nowadays, about a dozen members are getting even more connected by serving on the curriculum committee.

“We feel that our input is valued and heard,” said Sharon Popp, who serves as committee chair.

Here are some of the ways OLLI curriculum members are making it even more enjoyable for all:

  • Focusing on how OLLI at SDSU can continue to differentiate itself from other programs for ages 50 and better.
  • Making certain that the presenters and curriculum are varied each semester to keep course interest at a maximum.
  • Implementing an observation process and providing feedback about instructors.

The committee will present its recommendations to OLLI staff by the holiday break in December.

“This will be fun to watch,” Popp said. “People are flattered they have the opportunity to provide input to a program we all love and want to see get even better.”

Having spent her entire career in public education, mostly as a special education administrator, Popp now volunteers four mornings a week in a kindergarten class taught by her daughter and also tutors second graders who are struggling with reading.

She takes OLLI classes with her husband, Dean, and also encourages members to serve as volunteers.

“I jumped at the chance to volunteer at OLLI,” she said. “I’m thrilled to be working with (program director) Aimee Davis, her staff and the enthusiastic people on the curriculum committee, which is actively involved in seeking out more course options and more, well-qualified presenters to enhance the OLLI class offerings. I think we’re all excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the OLLI program in any way that we can.”