Jessica Ordonez-SteenblockJessica Ordonez-Steenblock was born in Los Angeles and lived in Guatemala during her elementary school years (her parents wanted her to learn to read and write Spanish as well as English). She returned to Los Angeles to attend junior and high school and eventually went to college at Pepperdine University, where she studied international business. Ordonez-Steenblock then attended graduate school where she earned an MBA at Alliant University in San Diego. Today, she is currently the director of human resources (HR) at Montage Laguna Beach.

What class do you teach?
I currently teach the capstone course, which I have revised and created its current format and curriculum. I have also taught other HR courses such as Introduction to Human Resources. I also taught classes outside of human resources like Introduction to Hospitality.

What are the main takeaways from the class?
Learning how to create and write policy, learning the process of updating job descriptions and learning the HR tools to write standards that one would need for an associate handbook.

What are some of the activities/homework that students experience in class?
Public speaking and presentation are a large portion of the class in being able to effectively communicate a policy.

Why is it important to take this class when learning about HR?
It’s the last class in the program and it encompasses everything learned in the other courses.
Students learn how to take action and implement many of the concepts learned. The students also relate these concepts to real-life examples.

What are some of the trends in HR?
HR professionals need to be more informed than ever. There are many changes in laws and policies affecting employees and employers. These constant changes require HR professionals to continue to learn and teach these important changes, especially in California. It’s important to continue to train and to complete certificate programs. For example, with the changes brought through the Affordable Care Act, HR professionals need to be aware of the effects to employees and employers.

Who should take this class?
Any person who wants to learn more about HR, anyone who aspires to be a manager, and anyone who wants to own their own business that needs HR knowledge.

What is the course’s goal?
To feel comfortable and confident in taking action and implementing HR concepts learned throughout the certificate program.