Paradise Village senior living

Paradise Village Senior Living

Osher at SDSU has joined forces with a local senior living community to provide free and convenient access to intellectual fun through a “Senior University.”

Paradise Village currently operates senior living communities in California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Colorado. Residents of the Paradise Village community in National City and other invited guests will be able to take the courses through the Osher at SDSU program, organizers said.

Osher at SDSU and Paradise Village began their partnership in 2018, but after being put on hold due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senior University partnership is being revived, organizers said. 

“We’re thrilled to reignite this partnership with Paradise Village and Osher at SDSU,” said Casey Rothenberger, Executive Director of New Program Development at SDSU Global Campus. “The pandemic completely changed how we connect and interact with each other and our students. For so many of our students, missing that in-person experience and connection with others, the thought-provoking and intellectual exchanges found in the classroom, was really hard. Being able to bring those experiences back to our students and the members of Paradise Village is so important for this audience and the Osher at SDSU mission.”

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SDSU is a non-profit education program designed for adult learners aged 50 and better who want to fuel their passion for learning, develop new interests, and share a forum for friendship and socialization. Each year, Osher hosts intellectually stimulating classes, interest groups, local trips, and special events for our members.

“Since 2018, Paradise Village has been extremely excited to partner with Osher at SDSU,” said Bill Reando, Vitality Director for Paradise Village. “This partnership in many ways represents one of our core values, ‘Stay Curious,’ which represents our commitment to lifelong learning. Our residents look forward to the intellectually stimulating content that is provided through this program and we look forward to many more years of growth and learning.”

Under the Senior University program:

  • Osher at SDSU Courses are free to Paradise Village residents
  • No registration required
  • Students who attend at least half of the sessions will receive a certificate of completion
  • All students are invited to a banquet at the end of the fall term