Lauren ReppaLauren Reppa is currently living in Argentina working for a company that develops international study for graduate business programs. “I love the Argentine lifestyle and I love tasting the delicious wines down here,” she exclaims.

Before moving to Argentina, Reppa took the Exploring Wine course at SDSU to increase her knowledge about wine and learn more about Argentinean wine since she was moving there. She says that her main takeaways from the course were, “Learning about the labeling styles and laws, how the environment shapes the wine, and which wines are typical of certain regions and why.” She was also impressed by the class’s instructor, Lisa Redwine. “Lisa is very knowledgeable and presents the information in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner.”

That particular class has helped Reppa a lot. She says, “I use what I learned when I taste new wines in Argentina. I study labels a lot more than I used to and pay attention to blends.” She adds, “If I return to San Diego after my year in Argentina, I definitely plan to take more wine classes at SDSU.”