High TechThe College of Extended Studies strives to educate individuals and prepare them for the workplace. Whether you’re looking to advance in your current position or get your foot in the door at a new company, CES offers the necessary training tools to make that happen. One of our most recent success stories is about Melissa, who participated in our Advanced Certificate in Web and Mobile Applications Development.

After completing her certificate she was hired by a local company called ServiceNow. They are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of IT service management software. Melissa was directed to the company’s page through a ServiceNow employee and from there she applied for the open position. ServiceNow Recruiter Craig Wells says, “She had heard how explosive the growth has been, how challenging and exciting the work is, and how much opportunity there is to learn and grow.”

Melissa is responsible for wearing multiple hats at her new position. According to ServiceNow Hiring Manager Bryan Boyle, “Melissa is working on IT Asset Management, Work Management, Financial Management and Vendor Management application development. Her role includes design discussions, designing solutions, writing code/forms and associated test plans.”

A selling factor that Wells and Boyle saw in Melissa was her drive to be successful in web and mobile development. According to Boyle, “I would say the benefits of hiring out of SDSU are getting people with real drive and a desire to learn and improve themselves. The technical skills are also great, but it’s the drive to achieve that sets them apart.” In addition to drive, Melissa also had a clear understanding of the technologies used at ServiceNow. “She did very well on the coding test we give to engineers prior to hiring. It was also clear by her energy and drive she wanted to be a part of a company where she could contribute and learn,” Wells says.

ServiceNow is always seeking to hire interns or employees with the same skill sets as Melissa. The  company is demonstrating continuous growth, and with continuous growth comes more job  opportunities. “In the past 18 months we have grown from 275 to 1,145 employees –that is 400% plus growth,” says Wells.

Melissa has made great contributions to the company. She was solely responsible for the development of key User Interface (UI) pages and business processes for the company’s last product release. Boyle says, “Her ability to develop complex forms with business logic in a short space made this release a huge success in terms of the items delivered.”

Her strong skills in web and mobile development have allowed Melissa to have a successful career at ServiceNow. In closing Boyle says, “Melissa was recently promoted due to her outstanding effort and contribution.”