computer_engineering_banner_imageSDSU Global Campus is adding a new academic program soon: a B.S. in Computer Engineering degree completion program.

After adding nearly 10 new degree programs this past semester, SDSU Global Campus is expanding our horizons by adding a brand-new computer engineering bachelor’s program. Developed in collaboration with SDSU’s renowned Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering within the College of Engineering, one of California’s top engineering programs, this exciting new program is designed to be flexible, affordable, and career-driven. Now, students can finish their bachelor’s degree in computer engineering almost entirely online, without the need to come to campus full-time.

B.S. in Computer Engineering

Our latest engineering program is a five-semester Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree completion program. Featuring a unique hybrid-style format, students will learn from expert faculty from SDSU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering through virtual lessons and on-campus labs. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of computer engineering as well as specific areas of the field, including multimedia systems, digital signal processing (DSP), graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and object oriented programming (OOP).

Tapping Into A Growing Industry

From mobile banking to life-saving medical technology, connected homes to autonomous vehicles, high-tech robotics to the smartphone, tablet, or laptop you’re using to read this article, computers are at the center of nearly every aspect of modern life. We rely on computer engineers to design, build, and maintain all of these vital systems.

The job market reflects this demand – computer hardware engineering jobs are projected to grow by 2% over the next decade, with software development and network engineering jobs expected to grow by 22% and 6.5% respectively. Companies are seeking forward-thinking, creative, and knowledgeable engineers to fill these positions. SDSU’s new computer engineering bachelor’s program is designed to help fill this demand and provide students with the education they need to lead the engineering projects of tomorrow.

Want to Learn More?

Applications for the first cohort of the B.S. in Computer Engineering program are set to open soon. Visit to learn more.