Jenny Pace

Jenny Pace

After graduating from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in 2008, Jenny Pace immediately began working for American Technologies Inc., a construction company that offers restoration and environmental remediation services. By the time she had worked her way up to office manager, Pace felt she needed help.

“Essentially you’re functioning as an HR generalist, and without proper training, I was flying blind,” she said. A friend referred her to SDSU’s Professional Certificate in Human Resources.

“He knew my career goals and felt it would be a perfect fit for my transition and he was right,” said Pace. “My goal was to improve my skills at my current position and open doors to other opportunities. The program definitely met my expectations. It covers all aspects of an HR career and gives you invaluable tools, resources, and networking opportunities.”

Pace attributes the strength of the program to the instructors, all of whom work in the industry. “Their passion on the subject and firsthand knowledge were invaluable,” she said. “They are living what they teach on a regular basis. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable to the content of each course, and the real-life examples they give help with the retention of the information.”

Pace notes that she uses her new skills and knowledge on a daily basis. “It’s helping the morale, turnover, and management of the employees,” she said. “I’ve also become a great resource for other managers in my office. I now have the appropriate information to make business decisions for my office and my future. The certificate improved my career drastically.”