Michaela Rosdahl

Michaela Rosdahl

A few years ago, Michaela Rosdahl had no idea what she wanted to be when she “grew up.” After putting college on hold in 2011 to pursue a career opportunity in media, she was soon promoted to the position of media consultant and became a nationally ranked top performer in the company.

“My clients were local and regional businesses who relied on me to recommend marketing and advertising strategies for their television and digital campaigns,” explained Rosdahl.

So what led this successful media consultant to SDSU’s Professional Certificate in Marketing program? “Marketing and media are so hand-in-hand that I wanted more in-depth education on marketing itself,” said Rosdahl. She got that and more. After completing the program, Rosdahl launched her own company — Dynamic Marketing San Diego — a boutique agency dedicated to supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. “Shop local” is the battle cry of Rosdahl and her team.

We trace her journey from media consultant to agency owner.

What made you choose the Marketing program at SDSU’s College of Extended Studies?
I worked over 60 hours a week and going back to school and leaving my job was not an option. I was drawn to the Marketing program at SDSU because of its flexibility and the access to instructors, who were leaders in the marketing/media industry, versus instructors with zero hands-on experience in the field. My instructors were marketing agency owners, media executives, etc. I knew there would be a lot to learn from these folks who were experts in the industry in which I was emerging.

Did the program meet your expectations?
The program definitely met my expectations. The courses were thorough and the instructors’ assignments truly gave me real-world experience. For instance, I was able learn how to draft a complete business plan – one that can be immediately executed on. Also, I learned the art of preparing creative briefs, designing logos, developing marketing strategies, designing social media campaigns, etc. The program was fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that it inspired me to quit my six-figure sales job and jump in the proverbial trenches to start my own business.

What do you think are the key strengths of the program?
The instructors provide valuable lessons and assignments, on top of creating an environment where you feel comfortable asking questions, receiving feedback, and collaborating with other like-minded professionals. Other strengths are the ability to take classes that don’t interfere with an existing work or school schedule. The relevancy of the content taught was exceptional.

How instrumental was the Marketing program in regard to starting your own business?
It opened my eyes to the many sides of marketing and began to inspire me to start my own agency. The program gave me perspectives from the client side as well as the agency side, while also giving me tactical skills (handling social media accounts for businesses, building a marketing strategy, designing a creative brief, developing a business plan, and more). The program gave me a broader perspective of the possibilities with a career in marketing, and I knew after graduating that I eventually wanted to do this on my own.

Did the networking aspect of the program help you?
Many of the students enrolled in the program were marketers for local businesses, which gave me the opportunity to network and share my business services. Two of the instructors even offered me jobs at their respective agencies/media stations. That was cool.

Tell us about Dynamic Marketing San Diego and what you do.
I started Dynamic Marketing after having enough courage to leave corporate America last year. We are a boutique marketing agency with a handful of team members who are highly-skilled in the craft. We support small- and medium-sized businesses and act as an “in-house” marketing team covering a range of services. We are a full-service marketing agency and handle social media, SEO/SEM, content writing, graphic design, website design/development, marketing/branding strategies, reputation management, and more.

Anything you’d like to add?
I would not have been able to start my business without the knowledge that I gained at the College of Extended Studies’ Marketing program. Without it, I would have had to seek this information on my own, and who knows how costly and time consuming that would have been in comparison to this program. Although I have continued to educate myself in the field, SDSU’s program kick-started my passion, understanding, and comfortability with marketing.