The timing was right for Fabiola Enciso and Jenn Best. Thanks to a little bit of quarantine-produced free time and a whole lot of ambition, these two women decided now was the time to get their Professional Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning from SDSU Global Campus and begin their careers in wedding planning. 

Taking the Leap

For Enciso, obtaining her Meeting and Event Planning Certificate comes after years of trial and error in other fields. 

Fabiola Enciso

Fabiola Enciso

“I was taking social work classes, but I just couldn’t see myself in that path. I switched to studying communications and had an internship with a wedding planner before it fell through because of COVID-19,” said Enciso. “My mentors told me that I have to follow my dreams and they encouraged me to use quarantine as a time to research the field and program.”

Enciso was forced to move back home during the pandemic and decided to get serious about her aspirations of becoming a wedding planner. After researching different programs, she landed on SDSU Global Campus and hasn’t looked back since. 

For Enciso, it’s the sense of community that’s made her time as an Aztec meaningful. “I’ve gone to so many schools and lived in so many places. It’s so rare to find that community and mentorship and receive help,” said Enciso. “This is the first time in my schooling career where I really enjoy each day with all of my peers and professors.”

Making the Best Use of Resources

Best is a non-profit professional taking a pivot in her career. “I love business and helping people, and about seven years ago I started thinking about wedding planning,” said Best. “Nothing made me more excited than seeing people excited about the event they were going to.”

Jenn Best

Jenn Best

So, Best channeled her entrepreneurial spirit and set out to gain her certificate and start her own wedding planning business. She started the certificate program and simultaneously started her business, Bliss Kiss Weddings

Best benefited from enrolling in the program at the same time as building a business. She used her instructors and peers as resources in the process. “Being in the program at the same time helped me launch my business. I had some professors look over my website, I’ve had 10+ peers volunteer for my business,” said Best. “The program is super collaborative and the instructors have a lot of hands-on knowledge they can provide.”

As for why she chose SDSU’s program, Best said that if she was going to invest in her education, she wanted to attend a university that she trusts. Best attended SDSU for her undergraduate degree. She also appreciated the financial flexibility SDSU’s program offered. “If people are thinking about it, I recommend taking the leap. You pay as you go through the program, which I loved.”

Looking Ahead

The new year has exciting things in store for the two women. Best already has seven weddings booked for 2021. Enciso has four months left in her program. After she gets her certificate, Enciso wants to become a wedding planner in Barcelona, Spain. Her dream is to be a wedding planner for people who want elopements and intimate, small weddings. 

“It has been a true joy to be with people who share the same passions and dreams that I do,” said Best.

The certificate program, fully online, can be completed in a minimum of six months. It’s designed for industry beginners like Enciso, as well as seasoned professionals. It can also help you prepare for industry certification exams such as the MPI and ILEA. All courses address resources to help you plan and execute events virtually during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on the program and how to enroll, please visit our website.