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Discovering your expertise, exploring an area of interest, and earning a professional certificate are some of the most satisfying parts of your academic career. While you may be focused on your required or core classes in your program, don’t overlook how impactful, rewarding, and intriguing elective courses can be. Not only can these courses allow you to customize your education by taking classes you are most interested in, but they also serve to introduce you to new interests, help enhance your professional development, and allow you to develop new skills you may not have otherwise discovered. 

When you are earning a professional certificate from SDSU Global Campus, you’ll have to complete some required elective credits. Here are ten intriguing electives that you can choose from, covering a range of our current professional certificate programs. 

1: Diversity and Inclusion 

If you’re enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management program, you’ll get to take 15 credits of electives. Fortunately, there are a plethora of courses to choose from, including the Diversity and Inclusion course. This course will emphasize the importance of recruiting from diverse pools of candidates and promoting these teams in the workplace. With studies showing that businesses benefit from diversity, knowing the principles of diversity and inclusion is a great asset to bring to the workplace. 

2: Teaming, Partnering, and Subcontracting 

In Teaming, Partnering, and Subcontracting, you will learn how to use a variety of contractual documents to form relationships like joint ventures and teaming agreements with other businesses. There will also be an emphasis on the necessary strategy and planning techniques intended for a successful negotiation, implementation, and management of each method. You can take this course if you are enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Contract Management program, as part of your minimum of four electives. 

3: Lean Certification 

Since sustainability has become a top priority for many companies lately, earning a Lean Certification for credit while enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Project Management program is a great way to satisfy the sole elective requirement. The Lean Certification teaches you to identify wasteful business practices and find strategies to reduce cycle time and costs. In other words, this certification will focus on promoting sustainable business practices. 

4: Planning and Scheduling 

Effectively devising and outlining a construction project is hard work. Therefore, if you’re enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Civil Sitework Construction, you will benefit from taking Planning and Scheduling. This course teaches you how to prepare for construction projects, define construction jargon, determine activity duration, and create a practical construction schedule. 

5: Problem-Solving and Risk Management 

Knowing how to solve problems and eliminate potential risks is a highly sought-after skill, especially when working in an industry like construction. Taking a course such as Problem-Solving and Risk Management is a great way to learn risk identification and assessment. You can take this course if you’re enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management program to satisfy your elective requirement.

6: Practical Applications of Heavy Civil Construction 

If you’re enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Construction Supervision program can specialize in civil sitework or building. If you’re interested in focusing on civil sitework, you can benefit from enrolling in Practical Applications of Heavy Civil Construction. This course emphasizes the functions of heavy civil construction methods, procedures, and techniques and offers hands-on experience in civil site preparation, excavation, compaction, and more. 

7: Building Green Buildings: The Contractor’s Perspective

Understanding sustainable methods and practices is a necessary skill for construction supervisors, especially with it becoming an increasingly important cause. If you’re enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Construction Supervision program focusing on building, you can benefit from enrolling in Building Green Buildings: The Contractor’s Perspective. This course will teach you how to effectively bid, contract, build, and close out green building projects.  

8: The Character of Wine 

To be a wine connoisseur, you must know the ins and outs of production. Taking a course like The Character of Wine while earning your Professional Certificate in the Business of Wine can help you understand the fundamentals of wine production and the challenges that come along with it. This course will focus on the mechanics, concerns, and decision-making process when developing quality wine. 

9: Craft Beer and Food Pairing

If you want to excel in the business of craft beer, then you need to know how to pair food with it. Therefore, students earning their Professional Certificate in the Business of Craft Beer can benefit from taking Craft Beer and Food Pairing. Bill Sysak, an industry expert, will lead this course and teach you how to create successful food and beer pairings from various regional cuisines. You will also learn basic flavor principles and participate in a five-course advanced beer and food pairing dinner. 

10: Effective Networking and Resumes 

If you’re earning a Professional Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning, you must be able to communicate with fellow professionals. Enrolling in a course like Effective Networking and Resumes can enhance your resume, networking skills, and interview abilities. You will also explore the principles of business ethics and best meeting and event planning practices.