Every student needs a space outside of the classroom where they can be productive. It’s especially important for students who are studying online from home, the office, a coffee shop, or wherever.

Creating the ideal study space can improve your learning experience and boost your ability to retain information. Balancing school can be a lot, but having the right study space can help make things easier to tackle and complete. 

Here are five tips on organizing your study environment.

1: Create a designated and quiet space

Having a distraction-free space that helps sharpen your focus is a huge factor when it comes to having an efficient study setup. Associating this study space with learning will make it easier to focus and stay on task. Studies have shown that studying and doing homework in bed can affect your sleep quality since your brain begins to confuse work and rest. That’s why having a specific and designated spot for doing work and studying is impactful.

Try finding a place where you can sit in a chair and work at a table. If you work best in a quiet area, try putting your study space in a corner of the house or an area with less traffic. 

2: Get organized 

Clutter can oftentimes be a distraction, and distractions in your area can throw off your focus. Tidying up can create more desk space for you to efficiently work. Sometimes color coordinating folders and notebooks based on classes or topics can help students stay organized.

Keeping your necessary supplies in order will create more time to study productively, rather than looking for things and getting up to get stuff. Keep pens, paper, chargers, and books nearby. Having your school supplies organized in your study area will make things easier to get to. If your study space is messy, you may avoid studying altogether!

3: Remove distractions 

Besides clutter, there are other things that can throw off your attention when trying to study. If it is difficult for you to not check your phone, try putting your phone in another room or in your bag so it is not in reach. 

Some people enjoy listening to music while studying, but if you find yourself drifting off to the melodies, a white noise track may be more fitting. There are many different studying playlists and noises on Youtube or Spotify that can keep you focused and stay on task. 

4: Let the people around you know you are studying 

If you plan on studying at home where you live with others, it is important to let them know when you are studying so they can be respectful. Let them know you are studying and that you would like some privacy. This ensures that they will not be distracting you while you work. 

5: Scheduling time to study 

While having a clean and designated study space is important, setting aside time to actually study is just as important! Putting quiz and test dates on the calendar will help you get a sense of how far in advance you should start preparing. Seeing all your plans written in front of you will make it easier for you to use your time wisely and get some studying in. Try keeping a calendar on your desk or laptop to stay organized and manage your time. 

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