Leaders bring direction, motivation, and representation to the workplace. One place you will find confident leaders is in Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs. Earning an MPA sets students up for high-level positions at local, state, and federal levels. Graduates go on to work key roles in both public and private sectors.

But what exactly are these careers? Do they pay well? Are there growth opportunities?

We broke down some of the best careers for public administration graduates so you can decide for yourself.

Administrative Services Manager

2023 Median Salary: $104,900

Number of Jobs in 2022: 377,800

Job Growth from 2022-2023: 5%

Administrative services managers, also known as facility managers or office managers, oversee one or more support services within a business or organization. In a large company, an administrative manager might be solely responsible for one area, such as supervision and staffing. A smaller company or start-up might have one administrative or office manager that covers everything from space planning to strategic planning and policy development. However large or small an organization is, administrative services managers are key leaders who keep everything running smoothly.

Urban Planner 

2023 Median Salary: $81,800

Number of Jobs in 2022: 44,700

Job Growth from 2022-2032: 4%

Bike lanes, gardens, public transit, and parkettes are just a few examples of what urban planners add to communities. Urban planners work for local governments and enhance their communities’ livability, functionality, and sustainability. While most of their work time is spent collaborating in the office, these planners often venture into the community or metropolitan area to explore project possibilities. Urban planners work in an ever-evolving environment, there are no two days or projects that are exactly alike.

Budget Analyst 

2023 Median Salary: $82,940

Number of Jobs in 2022: 51,600

Job Growth from 2022-2023: 3%

Budget analysts are crucial team members in both private and public organizations. They ensure the financial success of their organization by preparing proposals, monitoring budgets, communicating and presenting information, and more. Using their problem-solving skills, budget analysts come up with solutions during times of financial crisis. While you may initially see this profession as intimidating or stressful, you can play a pivotal role in an organization if you receive the right education and training.

Human Resource Specialist

2023 Median Salary: $67,650

Number of Jobs in 2022: 874,500

Job Growth from 2022-2023: 6%

Human resource specialists are leaders in the workplace. Not only do they contribute to staff safety, inclusivity, and well-being, but they handle key administrative tasks too. Administrative tasks include payroll, contracts and contract negotiation, new employee paperwork, and more. A strong human resource team is essential to the achievements of any organization or business. 

Did one or more of these jobs stick out to you? If yes, start the journey to your dream career today and earn your Master of Public Administration from SDSU in as little as 16 months.