Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Philadelphia, Clarence Carroll, Jr. loved the East Coast, but moved to San Diego, California and is currently working as a research analyst for Cubic Corporation. He enrolled in the SDSU Marketing and Media Certificate program because, “I enrolled in the program classes since I have always been interested in brand management and sports marketing. The course highlights are my classmates (all of them brought something to the table from their own experience and we all learned from one another) and the class instructors (they are willing to help you with additional lessons and advice beyond the classroom and they treated students as if they were in partnership with us).

Believing that he had much to learn, Carroll still was surprised to learn what he learned in the classes, “I learned that brand management can be more complicated than it appears and the 17 steps methodology helps to narrow the brand focus. There are several group projects and homework assignments for all classes. The Creative Brief course had a project that involved helping the San Diego Zoo.”

After earning his certificate, Carroll is starting a new venture, “The certificate has helped me in that I am now opening a nonprofit business that caters to veterans who are opening a small business. The plan is to help them with their brand management and ad campaigns.”