Natalie LewisNatalie Lewis works at Barney & Barney in the operations department. Recently, she was speaking with a woman at a charity event and the woman mentioned that she went through the SDSU Meeting and Event Planning program. “She said nothing but great things about the program. She recommended it, I looked into it, and I signed up,” Lewis says.

Lewis has completed three classes and is about to start her fourth. It will prove beneficial to her job as well. She says, “I work with seminars quite a bit and there are just helpful hints here and there that I learned in class.”

The highlights of her classes, Lewis says are her instructors. In her view, “I think that the instructors are really high quality because they have so much experience. You feel like you are not learning from a textbook. The most valuable takeaway has been their real-life examples, where they found themselves in a certain situation or where they had to make a last-minute decision. I think that has been very beneficial.” What she also likes about the program is the variety of instructors. “It’s nice that we have different instructors. It mixes things up. It is nice to hear someone else talk and to bring their opinion and flair on the industry.”