SDSU Student Union

San Diego State University is committed to building our reputation as a leader in global education. Over the next several years, SDSU will be rolling out a new strategic plan to help our community grow and evolve to meet the challenges facing academic institutions all over the world, while also empowering our community members to achieve their greatest potential.

These changes represent a paradigm shift in the way we approach education. By harnessing the power of new educational technologies, while also promoting equity and celebrating diversity inside and outside the classroom, we can create an academic environment with a truly global perspective.

In support of San Diego State University’s long-term strategic goals, two existing units — SDSU Global Campus and SDSU International Affairs — are working together to make some exciting changes that will help SDSU expand its horizons.

SDSU Global Campus

SDSU Global Campus is committed to meeting the challenges facing academic communities across the globe through innovative programming designed to expand access to all learners everywhere.

To help support SDSU’s ongoing strategic plan, SDSU Global Campus is leading several new university-wide initiatives to support the university’s commitment to learning beyond borders:

  • ​​​​​​​Launching new Bachelor’s degree completions and Masters degree programs over the coming academic year, through micro-site partnerships and online programs
  • In partnership with SDSU Student Affairs and Campus Diversity, creating a full suite of Student Services to guide students and help them navigate their education
  • Developing a new learner-centric website that enhances the enhanced digital marketing approach
  • Continuing support for Winter Session, one-unit weekend courses, Osher at SDSU, and Bootcamps
  • Expanding international programs through the American Learning Institute, Semester@SDSU, and Pathway (English language) programs

Through new programs and partners, SDSU Global Campus will bring new learners into the SDSU community, expanding the university’s global presence in close collaboration with SDSU International Affairs.

SDSU International Affairs

SDSU PED BridgeConcurrent with changes at SDSU Global Campus, SDSU International Affairs will amplify its focus on developing and inspiring globally-conscious citizens while supporting our SDSU community to engage and impact our border region and the world—key areas of focus in SDSU’s strategic plan SDSU International Affairs will boost the university’s presence in the international academic community through:

  • Study abroad, exchange programs, internships, faculty-led programs, and other global learning opportunities
  • International student services, including a passport office, admissions and advising, and travel support
  • Partnerships with international organizations
  • Internationally-focused assessment and research
  • International visitors and delegations
  • International and binational conferences and events, including the RE:BORDER Binational Conference

From new international programs and partnerships to promote global learning in our own community, SDSU International Affairs is uniquely positioned to propel the university forward as a leader in international education and research.

Moving SDSU Forward

SDSU Global Campus and SDSU International Affairs will work together to help the university expand its academic infrastructure and global partnerships to meet the needs of a broadly diverse body of learners in our border region, across the nation, and throughout the world.

Our goal is to build a global academic community that’s accessible and equitable, empowering learners everywhere, no matter where they’re located.

Thank you,

Radhika Seshan
Dean of SDSU Global Campus

Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Vice President, International Affairs