Neha Bahl, Director of the IC3 Institute in India, likes to use the term “soul doctors” when referring to educators. Educators, she says, are just as crucial as doctors, dentists, and engineers. She’s made it her mission, along with everyone involved in the IC3 Institute, to connect students, educators and communities from across the globe in an effort to position high school students for future success in postsecondary education and the global workforce.

Neha Bahl

Neha Bahl, Director of the IC3 Institute

Forming Connections Through SDSU Global Campus

San Diego State University is one of six original partners of the IC3 Institute Consortium. Through SDSU Global Campus, SDSU and the IC3 Institute team up to tap into a network of resources, research, and subject-matter experts to aid high-school counselors in assisting their students as they navigate the college and career process. 

“The IC3 Institute Consortium for Global Universities is a network of colleges and universities around the world that support the IC3 Institute by bringing their unique strengths and thought leadership to complement the work of the Institute,” said Bahl.

The goal of the IC3 Institute is to holistically develop high school counselors and equip them with the training and tools necessary to provide students with a navigation system to design their educational and professional future.

“We believe every teacher needs to be 10% a career counselor, in order to help students bridge the gap between academic knowledge and its practical application, and to make learning joyful by making careers come alive in the classroom,” said Ganesh Kohli, Founder and Chair of the IC3 Institute in this news article. “We also believe that every school needs a fully functioning career counseling office, and full-time counselors who work with students from grades 9-12, helping them make best fit decisions for higher education and the world of careers.”

For SDSU Global Campus, it’s an opportunity to create a web of connections across both our own campus and with the Consortium’s national and international partners. Eddie West, SDSU Global Campus Assistant Dean, is excited for the possibilities this partnership will bring to the Mesa.

“If you think about these counselors’ professional development needs holistically, many different units on campus have very relevant expertise to contribute. From International Affairs, to the College of Education, Enrollment Services, the Writing Center, there are a lot of ways we can engage with the Consortium and each other,” said West.

Bahl highlights why SDSU is a good fit for the partnership, saying “We are particularly drawn to SDSU’s commitment to student success and to the shared values of school empowerment, contributing to the community, as well as building long-term and sustainable relationships that impact a student’s educational path.”

International Learning Partnerships

The IC3 Institute Consortium for Global Universities is growing with the recent addition of three new schools. That brings the total count of member universities to nine, including the following:

  • Huron at Western (Canada)
  • Indiana University, Bloomington (US)
  • Lehigh University (US)
  • The University of New Castle (Australia)
  • San Diego State University (US)
  • The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (US)
  • Bryant University (US)
  • University of St. Andrews (UK)
  • UNSW (Australia)

As SDSU Global Campus works to increase capitalization of these new virtual connections, the IC3 Institute will help the university extend SDSU’s reach beyond San Diego. It’s another move to create a campus without boundaries and impact tomorrow’s leaders through career and college counseling.

For more information on the IC3 Institute Consortium for Global Universities, and/or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact Eddie West at