A group of employees meeting for corporate training.

Building a successful company with committed employees requires more than just hiring qualified candidates and briefly training them. To maintain success, companies should participate in ongoing professional development and corporate training. 

According to The World Economic Forum, 60% of workers will need retraining by 2027. Not only do workers need professional development, but more than 75% are eager to jump at the opportunity, according to Talent Trends

Sensing these needs in the workforce, SDSU Global Campus has developed a Workforce Training and Professional Development program to assist companies in meeting the always-changing needs of their organizations and employees.

“This synergy between organizational investment and employee eagerness paints a transformative trajectory for both companies and the current workforce,” said Linda Wells, Manager of Business Strategy at SDSU Global Campus. “SDSU Global Campus stands out as the ultimate destination for corporate training, offering unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge resources, customized programs, and a proven track record of success, making it the optimal choice for companies seeking exceptional training solutions.”

Given our successful track record of working with standout businesses like Qualcomm, SDG&E, Sharp Healthcare, and numerous local municipalities, we offer top-tier corporate training and professional development. 

We offer professional development and corporate training intended to empower today’s workers with in-demand skills for tomorrow. With more than 500 courses ranging from business, technology, and leadership, you can choose the ones best suited for your company. 

Our courses cover workplace topics such as: 

  1. Project Management
  2. Contract Management 
  3. Diversity and Inclusion 
  4. Leadership Development 
  5. Supervision and Management 
  6. Conflict and Change 
  7. Cybersecurity Bootcamp 
  8. Process Improvement 
  9. Grant Writing 
  10. Business Communication 
  11. Emotional Intelligence 
  12. Team Building 
  13. Workplace English 
  14. Software Development Bootcamp 

You and your employees also get to choose the modality you want to utilize for this program, including:

  1. On-demand 
  2. Self-paced 
  3. Cohort 
  4. In-person 
  5. Online
  6. Instructor-led 
  7. Experiential Learning 

In addition to picking up a plethora of skills, you also get to learn how to improve your workplace culture. After completing the program, you will be able to: 

  1. Maximize employees’ potential 
  2. Increase productivity 
  3. Close skill gaps 
  4. Develop internal talent 
  5. Improve Retention 
  6. Lead with inspiration and innovation 
  7. Foster strong and loyal workplace relationships 
  8. Increase business revenue via innovation and engagement 
  9. Empower leaders with problem-solving skills 

According to the 2022 State of Global Workplace Report, highly engaged teams produce 23% greater productivity. Therefore, enrolling in our professional development and corporate training program can help employ workers with new knowledge and in-demand skills, which often correlates to increased productivity and profitability. 

Sign up today and make an everlasting impact on your business’s success and well-being.