Don AsquithDon Asquith has been in the construction industry since 1977, and is now taking the online Construction Supervision certificate program through SDSU’s College of Extended Studies, to make the move to management. Here’s a look at his experience so far.

What’s your background in the construction industry?
I was an apprentice carpenter in 1977 with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. I worked in the construction industry my whole life.

What brought you to the Construction Supervision certificate program?
I’m recovering from a recent disability so I needed to make a quick transition to supervision. That’s why this program was perfect for me. I have a strong tradesman background, but that and a supervisor are two different animals. I’ve played the role of supervisor over the years, but I was always shooting from the hip. But when you study things formally, you find out how little you knew before. It’s easy for tradesmen to think they know it all. These courses can correct many years of unknowingly doing the wrong thing.

What do you think are some of the strengths of the program?
This program has credibility – both from SDSU and the Associated General Contractors of America. SDSU is a good pony to bet on. I have been there and done that. I know what it takes. This program offers real knowledge appropriate for supervisors in the construction industry.

The course information is sufficiently deep to capture the imagination of the seasoned professional, and at the same time accessible enough to a guy who may have a full-time job to gain a lot and complete the program successfully.

Also the books have tons of sample forms, worksheets and checklists for all pertinent construction subjects—safety, quality control, cost analysis, meetings, productivity, inspections—you name it. These things are so valuable that any company could profit by merely using the forms out of the textbooks to improve their daily operations. When I next become a superintendent for whoever, I will incorporate them into daily activities.

Do you have any advice for others regarding this program?
I think that I’m investing in myself with this certificate program and I recommend it to anybody who takes their construction career seriously.

We’ll check back with Don when he completes his three remaining courses, and follow his journey to gainful employment as a construction supervisor.