People meeting at an event.

Every big meeting or event you attend has countless moving parts. Meeting and event professionals supervise these events to ensure everything runs smoothly and guests’ expectations are met. 

Knowing how to manage stakeholders, analyze metrics, shift management, and market your event is crucial to success as a MEM professional. Our Master’s in Meeting and Event Management (MEM)  can teach you those skills and propel your career forward. 

With experts expecting the event planning industry to grow by 8% by 2032, now more than ever is the ideal time to earn an advanced Master’s in Meeting and Event Management. 


With only two weeks spent on campus, you can earn your master’s degree in 21 months without putting your professional or personal life on hold. 

Your career opportunities are even more flexible than our program’s modality. Our master’s in MEM applies to more than 100 related industries among various career paths. From restaurants to hotels to sports, there are many different sectors you can work in after earning this degree. 


Since our program is cohort-based, you’ll work with the same classmates and have the opportunity to form relationships with each other. You’ll get to network with fellow students and instructors who are seasoned MEM professionals. 

As a part of our mentorship program, you will also gain hands-on experience under the mentorship of a high-level MEM executive or leader.  

Meeting like-minded professionals won’t only expand your network, but it will also help you find a career. With more than 50% of hires coming from referrals, successful networking can help you land a job. 

Resume Boost   

Our MEM master’s program is the first of its kind, offering classes tailored to meeting and event professionals with at least five years of experience. 

The Masters in Meeting and Event Management is the first in North America designed for Certified Meeting Managers (CMMs), Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) and professionals in other meetings and events-related industries,” said Deanna Roberts. “While the program is new, it feels familiar, thanks to the experienced instructors and relevant content.”

Earning this one-of-a-kind master’s degree can help you stand out from other MEM professionals and land your dream job. 

Top Job Titles 

By earning a Master’s in MEM, you’ll have a wide variety of job opportunities. Some of the careers our program prepares you to succeed in are: 

Event Operations Manager 

Event operations managers work with companies, city departments, and other committees to coordinate specific operations and organize successful events. You can expect an average annual salary of $61,467

Meeting Planner 

As a meeting planner, you’ll get to book venues, manage guests’ transportation and lodging, set up equipment, coordinate catering service, and register event attendees. You’ll make an average annual salary of $62,404.  

Director of Event Marketing 

In this position, you’ll manage your company’s brand and oversee communication, marketing, and promotional materials. You’ll get to use different forms of media and cross-promotional techniques to encourage guests to attend your events and stay engaged. The average annual salary for this role is $74,165

Director of Special Events 

As the director of special events, you’ll get to coordinate exciting events. You’ll handle all event details, manage the event budget, negotiate with vendors, plan schedules, and ensure client and guest expectations are met. The average annual salary for this role is also $74,165.

Development Director 

Development directors oversee all fundraising efforts. In this role, you’ll get to develop fundraising strategies, form relationships with donors and identify grant opportunities to coordinate fundraising events. You’ll earn an average annual salary of $92,590