A group of professionals meeting at an event.

No matter what industry you work in, corporate meetings and events likely play a critical role in your sales, networking, and business development efforts. Our professional certificate in meeting and event planning (MEP) can prepare you to throw immersive and amazing events that engage attendees.

Whether you’re a meeting and event planning connoisseur, a professional looking to hone your event management abilities, or an industry newcomer looking to change career paths, our MEP certificate can help you host successful events. 

“This program really ignited my passion for the industry and made me feel that my dreams and goals were achievable,” said Nicole Torres. “My instructors were very helpful and welcoming, and I know that my peers and I are entering an exciting, supportive community. The knowledge I gained from my experience is invaluable and I encourage both newcomers and veterans alike to enroll!”

Specialized Skillset   

Our professional certificate in meeting and event planning will teach you many new skills. The courses will focus on skills related to: 

  • Catering 
  • Contracts 
  • Finance 
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Site selection 
  • A/V tools and setup 

You’ll also get to take 18 credits of elective courses. These courses focus on additional skills related to: 

  • Weddings and social events
  • Technology 
  • Festivals/public event planning 
  • Event safety and risk management
  • Event design 
  • Planning for nonprofits/fundraisers 
  • Conference planning 

Having these skills in your pocket can help you stand out from others as an MEP professional. As a professional in another industry, having this knowledge can show your coworkers and supervisors that you can perform duties inside and outside your designated role. 

Expanded Network   

Earning our professional certificate in MEP gives you many opportunities to expand your network. In addition to learning from and meeting instructors and guest speakers, you will also get a discounted membership to the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the International Live Events Association (ILEA)

“I have benefitted from the relationships I made in the program, both professionally and personally,” said Elisa Trotter. “I’m looking forward to giving back to the industry that has given me so much.”

Throughout the program, you’ll have countless opportunities to form meaningful connections with classmates, instructors, mentors, and other MEP professionals. 

Boosted Salary    

Showing your boss or supervisor that you have extra skills in your pocket can help you get a raise. With an expected salary increase of 5% to 20%, earning a professional certificate is a great way to maximize your income.  

Since meetings and events span many industries, earning our professional certificate in MEP can help you earn that salary boost. Whether you work in the nonprofit sector, public relations, technology, real estate, or nearly anything else, having the skills to plan, promote, and host an event can give you a leg up compared to other applicants. 

Why SDSU Global Campus? 

You can earn your professional certificate in MEP with us in just six months. Since it’s entirely online, you can complete the program from the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn under the guidance of eight seasoned professionals who all work in the MEP industry. 

“This program was amazing,” said Sara Chuta. “I have been doing internal corporate event planning for five years and this program showed me so much that I can improve. The professors were so inspiring and loved every single course.”